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The plugin adds a "pencil" button next to annotatable resources
You can configure the plugin to add the button to any page where resources appear
Clicking the pencil button opens the resource in Annotate with all the usual Annotate features.
The plugin configuration screen contains the settings for connecting to the Annotate server.
The statistics page lets the site administrators monitor Annotate usage.
Adding notes is as simple as selecting some text and typing.
In Annotate, notes can be added to the text, regions of the page, or with arrows to precise positions.
Annotations can be displayed above the text, in the margin or as footnotes.
The home pages shows all the latest changes on a student's documents.
Documents can be organized into folders.
The notes index allows students to search through and sort their notes.
Annotate is not restricted to text. It works equally well for images such as this music score.